Viva La Causa (2008)


Viva La Causa tells the story of a group of dedicated people from diverse classes, races and religions who stood together for justice. These people were people who had migrated to the United States from Mexico and the Philippines, and Chicanos. These were people who were not treated correctly in the workplace. They worked long hours in the fields without breaks, water, bathrooms, and not getting paid enough to provide for their families. The farm workers had nowhere to go to the bathroom, the women workers would cover each other with clothing as they would squat in the middle of the fields. These people started the United Farm Workers Union. They would stand by the fields, striking and yelling trying to get the attention of other farm workers and the land owners. Every time they got more people to strike and stop working on the fields, a new bus was brought in with new migrant workers. The migrant people would have to continue striking and getting these new workers to join them. They wanted to open the eyes of the new workers, and tell them it is not right for them to be treated the way and that they needed to fight for their rights. This went on for a very long time but they had to do something to get more attention and help. 

I would defiantly recommend this movie to other people. It is a great eye opener, not just by the fact that this really was the way that migrant workers were treated in the fields but the way that they fought for 5 years for something so important. I love the courage and passion that the people had,  and they were not going to take no for a answer.

The most important character in this movie is Cesar Chavez, he was the one that inspired the Chicano movement.


Chavez was the hero in the story that gathered and organized the people for a union of farmworker. Without money or anything he went talking to migrant workers one by one and gathered them, he opened their eyes and made them realize what they were living in the fields was not right. He started a boycott on the California grapes, he sent people to all different states to gather more people to boycott. The boycott gave results after a while and the California grape farms were affected. He got arrested, led marches and pilgrimages, went on a 25-day fast to prove to himself and others that this was a cause worth fighting. Nothing stopped him, he got enough attention on the union that his tactics lead to better wages and working conditions for farmworkers. He was a very strong and a great leader, this movie really shows how hard he worked and he pushed the others. 

I watched the older version, but a new Chavez movie has just came out and I bet it will be as good or better than this one! I really recommend it and trust me it will be a great eye opener. Made me feel like nothing could stop me get what I want, as long as I keep fighting.


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