Distance does not break a family.

1. What is your name and age?
My name is Gerardo Sanchez and I am 27.

2. What country do you come from?
I came from Mexico, that is where I was born.


3. What year did you come here and why?
I came here in the year 2005, I came here for a better life. I did not have the opportunities in Mexico that I have here. From here I can help my family.

4. Do you have any other family here is the United State?

I have one cousin in Georgia but I never see him, my brothers used to be here but they went back to Mexico.

5.  What is the biggest difference between the US and Mexico?

I feel that here there is more opportunities and a better life than I would in Mexico. There isn’t as much violence here as there is in Mexico. It is very hard to find a good job in Mexico.

6. What do you miss and don’t miss about your country?

I miss my family, they are very important to me. I don’t miss working so much for money that was not enough to even buy a pair of shoes.

7. What are some of the most memorable traditions or events from your country?

December 11 and 12 that is the day we celebrate La Virgin de Guadalupe. We use to sing las mannitas to la virgin, we would carry the La Virgin de Guadalupe from one part of the town to a church, this was a even that the whole community did together, everyone would sing and walk behind her.

8. Would you consider moving back to Mexico anytime in the future?

No, I would not like to live in Mexico again, I rather just go and visit my family as much as can.

9. What is the biggest benefit you feel you have from living here?

I was able to provide money to build my parents a common and comfortable house and give them a better life. I was also able to help my youngest brother finish high school and will hopefully help him go to college.

10. What have you learned from the American people and other people from different cultures that you have met?

I have learned that the American culture really give women and children a lot of respect  and are very protected by the laws which is very important, it should be something that Mexico should do. Well in Mexico they might protect women and children but it may only be in the big cities and it is not as much as here. Here in the US  animals are very protected and in Mexico you see an lost and hungry dog in the streets and not many would do anything. From my friends I have learned that my country is not the only one that is hard to live in, Honduras and El Salvador.

11. What is a stereotype that people have about Mexicans that you do not agree with?

The stereotype that people think it is very dangerous to travel to Mexico because they think it is all about drugs, stealing, death and abductions, and that is not what Mexico is all about.  It seems that on TV you only see the bad things that happen, they never put how  communities work together, all the traditions and celebrations that are shared. The true beauty of Mexico is not really shown on TV.

12. What is something that you have done here in the United States that you feel you would have never done in Mexico?

Being here i have been able to experience great vacations that I know I would have never been able to have done in Mexico. Going to water parks, amusement park, taking a ride on a ship down the shore, being able to help my family economically and seeing them happy.

13. Did you have a plan set for when you arrived here, like did you know where you were going to live or work?

No I did not have a plan set, all I knew was that my brother was here and I was in God’s hands to help me.

14.  What has been one of the hardest things to adapt to after migrating to a new country?

The hardest thing has been communicating with others, now I can a lot better but when I just arrived I felt tied up not being able to speak to anyone.

15. What is the best thing that has happened to you from coming to the US?

Meeting my girlfriend and having a steady job that has always allowed me to help my family out.


Recipe: Mole 

2 pounds of molcajeta

chile mulato

chile pasiya


1/4 teaspoon anise seeds

“Maria” Cookies




raisins and almonds

1 stick of cinnamon

pieces hard shell tortillas

coco powder and sugar






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